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Are You Ready For SCA?

Whether you take card payments as a taxi or minicab company or you pay fares online by card as a passenger, it’s worth learning about SCA and how it affects you.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is part of the second EU Payments Services Directive (PSD2) designed to reduce online card fraud. With SCA, an online card payment may require additional confirmation from the cardholder before it can proceed. Depending on the card issuer, this may mean completing additional checks on-screen or responding to a text message or app notification.

How will SCA affect users of MyLift?

If you pay a cab fare online by card, your card issuer may require you to complete additional authentication. If so, please do this promptly, since your cab cannot be dispatched until successful payment is made.

If you attempt to charge a card fare and the system indicates cardholder authentication is required, you have not yet received the fare. Once the cardholder completes authentication, you will be able to charge the fare as normal.

Whilst we appreciate SCA may sometimes be inconvenient, it protects both parties involved in a card transaction: For the buyer, SCA makes it much harder for someone else to misuse your card if it’s lost, stolen or cloned. For the seller, fewer fraudulent transactions means fewer expensive chargebacks, giving you greater confidence that online card purchases are genuine, whilst helping you maintain a better reputation with your card processor.

When does SCA start?

SCA was scheduled to start on 14th September 2019, but has since been delayed in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. Adoption of SCA is therefore likely to be a gradual process from this date rather than a sudden change, but we strongly recommend being prepared as soon as possible.

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