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The Return of Business Travel

Few people would be surprised to learn that during this COVID-19 pandemic, travel and transport have been among the hardest-hit sectors of the economy. For example, international passenger traffic at UK airports fell as much as 98% from February to April 2020 with a corresponding impact on the airport transfer industry.

Over a year later, with COVID restrictions finally easing and economic activity recovering, many companies are now taking the opportunity to reevaluate when and how their employees travel for business. For some, greater use of video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams (as widely adopted during compulsory home-working) will become the norm, reducing the need for business travel. Others may seek to resume business travel as quickly as possible, where employees have grown tired and less productive through months of reduced face-to-face contact.

Either way, this pandemic will affect the travel industry well beyond its official end, so companies must stay mindful of their employees’ concerns when it comes to business travel in the post-COVID era.

Since many people remain wary of crowded places and public transport (despite highly effective COVID-19 vaccines) and so prefer to travel by taxi or pre-booked minicab where possible, managing use of these services efficiently for business travel is more important than ever before.

Whether booking airport transfers for international flights or travel within the UK, a Cabubble business account can help your company manage its taxi and minicab usage and expenditure.

With no minimum spend or contractual commitments, Cabubble’s multi-user self-booking tool is ideal for companies large and small, however much or little your employees and clients need to travel.

With hundreds of taxi and private hire services available across the UK, you can book transport nationwide from one convenient online platform. Comprehensive reporting and invoicing tools come as standard on all Cabubble business accounts, making expense management easy.

Interested to know more about MyLift’s self-booking tool for businesses? Contact us if you would like a no-obligation demonstration or have any questions.

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